A Message From The Temple Of Hathor - Egypt
As channeled scrying into the fire.

We call her the City of Light.
We are people of the earth, fertility, sacred sound, sexuality
and the enlightened nature of creation and birth.

Our high priests and priestesses are trained in the art of alchemy, shapeshifting, spherical time, invocation, sound & light therapy, astrology, celestial navigation,
creation, kundalini awakening, intricate bathing rituals and more.

Women, couples & parents-to-be seek our council
and embark on sacred pilgrimage,  journeying here from far away lands in the hopes of receiving Hathor's blessing. They come here
to be washed, make offerings & align with  "the great column".

Our teachings and ways are ready to be remembered.
I summon you.

Tend to the Holy of Holies Within.
Awaken the Serpents Song.
Go Beyond your many layers of Skin.

Live like the LOTUS.