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 Clairvoyance △ Spirit baby communication ▽ CONSCIOUS CHILDBEARING EXPERTISE △ MIDWIFERY FOR THE Heart & soul ▽    △ Doula MENTORship & Retreat facilitation

Currently Serving Clients In:  Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong, Chile, Ireland,

British Columbia, Amsterdam, Hawaii, North America, India, Bali, Brazil & Beyond.

I am so grateful to have connected with Sarah! She provided a warm, loving, and safe space for my healing.

— Dagne Tendle


i ASSIST INDIVIDUALS, couples, & families THROUGH

Soul Destined rites of passages.


My name is Sarah Naia Soleil. I'm a Mother of 2 & have been a Birth Doula & Student Midwife since 2008. I'm also a Mystic & Gifted Clairvoyant.

I specialize in Womb Healing, Pre-Conception Rituals, Spirit Baby Communication, Transformational Pregnancy Coaching, Motherhood Integration, Doula Mentorship & Guiding Individuals through Spiritual Rebirths.

The Great Pyramid, Cairo, Egypt

The Great Pyramid, Cairo, Egypt

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Are you looking for a Doula Mentorship opportunity? Do you want to discover the inner alchemy, transformation and healing possible for you as you step deeper into your calling? Join us for the Retreat OR the full, Doula Thrive 13 Moon Journey.

The Next 13 Moon Cycle Begins September 2019.

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My Newest Labor of Love, Officially Opened it's Doors in Northern New Jersey on October 22nd, 2017! Introducing: BLOOM Baby, A Pregnancy Center Serving the Hearts & Lives of Local Mothers, Families & Doulas.



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The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful then the risk it took to blossom
— Anais Nim