HERE I AM... the basics.



Shortly after conceiving my son at the age of 20 I had a life changing lucid dreaming experience. This dreamtime journey  MARKED THE END OF AN OLD WAY OF LIFE & INITIATED ME, it supported me to receive my pregnancy & baby as the highest vibrational path forward. Ever since I've had the ability to vividly recall my dreams. The dreamtime is now a vast and potent landscape for my souls evolution, healing & offerings~


I am a seeker of life’s deeper truths.

I'm a Visionary.

I dwell in the realms of creation & creativity. I live with a foot in both worlds; the seen and the unseen.

I communicate with souls in the higher realms & I have the ability to "see" into the past as well as the future, here and now.



I love going on solo missions, I love the woman I’ve become & I'm one of my best friends.

I’m a Scorpio Sun
Scorpio Rising &
Leo Moon.

I honor the wild woman wisdom within~


Sound HEALS me. Music is my Medicine & I love it just about every way it comes. I prefer it LOUD, POETIC, CONSCIOUS & INSPIRING.

Play unlocks my creativity &... Interestingly, I have the majority of my breakthroughs while either making the bed in the morning or spending time in water.

Kauai is my spirit hOMe. Ecstatic Jungle Dance is one of my favorite forms of going to church & Love... LOVE IS MY RELIGION~


I'M HERE to help others: Remember, Reclaim, Transform & Heal~

I am profoundly humbled & honored to assist birthing women as a mentor, doula, sister, auntie & fellow mother.

My passion for birth and midwifery revealed itself to me as I transcended the physical pain of labor & ecstatically delivered my first child with a kind of clarity and understanding that SHOOK ME AWAKE~ & yet... the idea of giving birth as a young woman scared me more then anything in the world.

One of the most beautiful, cosmic filled births I attended took place in an operating room. The mother had an epidural & the baby was born with forceps. It was a vaginal breech delivery. Every angel on duty was present; it was simply stunning~ In that moment I was changed…My heart began to understand at a deeper level how each birth regardless of outcome is sacred.

Mothering has got to be THE MOST Spiritual, Challenging, Beautiful, & Rewarding experience of my life.

My mama is a very WISE WOMAN. She’s the mother of 6 & is one of the most enlightened people I know.


I consciously choose to be monogamous. 

Sacred Sexuality is a must.

My spirit and gifts blossom within the sacred container of a devoted union. My husband and I have climbed mountains and been through some serious shit to get to where we are today. I'm eternally grateful to be on this journey with him.

I aim to create win-wins. I value integrity and honesty & I show up with vulnerability and authenticity to the best of my ability in all my relationships.


I believe in Magic. 

Dolphins & Whales visit me in my dreams often & I make spending time with them in the wild a priority. They've asked me to be a bridge between their wisdom and frequencies on the planet at this time and the starseeds coming in by working with soon to be mothers and fathers.

I've mediated while sitting in a whales pelvis. It was absolutely amaZing~ & it makes me giggle just thinking about it...


I've found mentors & guides to be an ESSENTIAL component of my personal ascension journey.

Amma. Jesus. The Buddha. Mother Mary. Mary Magdalene. Isis. The Dalai Lama. Ilchi Lee. John of God. Quan Yin. Malidoma Some. Martin Prechtel… & many many more have deeply touched and influenced my life.


Ritual is absolutely necessary & extremely important.

I love being in a sweat lodge, submerged deep in mama earths womb wisdom.

Sitting with the Fire is one of my favorite ways to cleanse & PURIFY.

Singing to the Oceans, Rivers, & Lakes brings me joy.

My dearest soul allies are those whom I really love to pray with. Those whose prayers ignite the deepest sense of sincerity, reverence, thoughtfulness, humility & divine royalty.


Along my path I've learned to leave room for the Mystery.
I recognize each moment as a miracle
& I cry in awe over this on the regular.

I LOVE to laugh till I cry~


I have witnessed time and time again how my thoughts & words create my reality... I am learning how to choose them wisely.

I ground several times a day.

Through my journey unfolding I've come to understand my body's ecology and needs. As within so without.

I see this earth resilient & thriving and I do my best to make contributions to this vision everyday, in every way I can. May it be so.

Health, Harmony & Happiness are our inherent birthrights.

From My Perspective:

The earth is a living, breathing, conscious being.

Menstruation is scared holy feminine power.

Fairy's, Extraterrestrials, Unicorns etc... are real.

Babies are conscious pre-conception onward.

In each moment we are born anew.

In essence we are not our bodies, emotions or thoughts.

What we fear most is our light.

The Past, Present & Future is HERE NOW~ Time is Spherical.

& The TRUTH, the Truth with a Capitol T... reveals itself to those who seek.