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On episode 144 of The Balanced Blonde Podcast, Jordan Younger & I talk about all things spirit babies! We also talk about my intuitive gifts and the journey I’ve taken to awaken them, including ways you can open to & access your own intuitive gifts too! Jordan learned so much in this conversation, and knows that it will teach you amazing things as well.

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In the 65th Episode of the Rising Women Leaders Podcast Series I share how I came to discover my connection to the dream world & the spirit of my child while pregnant. I speak about The Art of Preconception, Spirit Baby Communication, Conscious Conception, & the significance of Hathor's Temple in Dendara + Hathor's mythical role in the blood mysteries. 

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In the 77th Episode of the Ladies Who Lead Podcast Series I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with my dear friend Luna Love, the show's host. In this recording, I spill secrets, stories, and insights gathered throughout my life in relationship to my unique, spiritual journey into the world of birthing and motherhood.

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This video is an exploration into the beauty of intimate relationships as a source of personal growth and awakening. It's a distillation of 3 simple gems my husband Leif & I have embraced during our 11 years+ of marriage and togetherness.

We hope you enjoy! xo