Womb Healing Visions

I received the following vision during a sweat lodge.

Three words sum it up: WOMBS ARE TEMPLES.

yoni art.jpg

Walking naked I'm surrounded by a golden glow. There is wet sand beneath my toes and a clear crisp blue sky above me. Palm trees and a wooden bridge lead me out to the oceans warm healing waters and an opening appears. A black horse greets me and I saddle to ride.

My SACRED WOMB PORTAL welcomes us and the journey begins~

Slowly we enter in awe of her beauty and consciousness. She breathes, expands, softens, & gently, sensually, contracts massaging us ever so lovingly. SHE IS SO WISE. She is a sanctuary and a temple embedded with the rarest, most magnificent jewels & gems revealing themselves to me one at a time.

The horse and I begin to travel through her exquisite tubes of light. My hair flies wildly as the gold and glittering sparks of creation surround us. Faster and faster we ride until the illusion of separateness falls away. The faster we run the more my sexual armor and shame is shed from my being. We travel through her sacred spaces until all the darkness has been released. My temple is illuminated.

Once again, I AM WHOLE~

We hear the call to return and as we approach the opening, I dismount the horse asking him if he'd like to join me and continue by my side. He wholeheartedly agrees and allows me to lead him by the bridle and bit.

As the sun kisses my delicate naked skin once again I notice my body is radiant, painted gold, decorated and adorned with vibrant glowing crystals, sparkles, and light. The sand warms the bottom of my feet and the breeze embraces me.


"There was a time when your body was honored as the SOURCE OF LIFE. Your feminine sexuality was so potent that the ancient tantric masters believed your body held the key to enlightenment. Your yoni the gateway to the inner chamber of treasures was considered so sacred that you let no one enter this space who did not know how to properly behave in a place of worship." - Lisa Schrader

Having a relationship with your womb is a gift that empowers YOU to consciously create, & live the life of your dreams~ Communicating with and honoring this part of your body is immensely healing. When was the last time you consciously traveled through and cleansed your womb?

xx, S.