The Way of the Ancients

It's Time.

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+-+-+ Women Carry Creation Codes +-+-+

~*~ Women Are the Bringers of New Life ~*~

When women moon (bleed) they cleanse negativity. Women are filters for themselves, their beloveds, their families & humanity. Women are able to receive incredible psychic communications and heal at a deep level during their moon & being present to ourselves during this process is beneficial to ALL.

When women moon, it's best for them to refrain from domestic activities. This includes things like: making meals (especially important to avoid the negativity being transmuted, from seeping into the food energetically), laundry, house chores, unnecessary errands, etc...

When a woman is bleeding it's a time for her to go inward, to Deeply LISTEN & Receive, & to be supported by both the women and men in her life.


Has the, I'm an "Independent Woman" movement pushed us further from ourselves and our feminine flowing nature into a deeper hole of self betrayal? 

Only if we refuse to  S L O W  D O W N  &  H O N O R  what's being shed.

From my perspective women (((above all))) desire to be respected & acknowledged for their Sacred Holy Power. A power that no man regardless of his strength or brilliance can access. 

Only women carry the knowledge of birth. Women communicate with grandmother moon, mother earth & sister ocean (a powerful trinity) in a unique way. For us to be SEEN in this, is a GREAT GIFT.

Instead I GRIEVE, we are being encouraged to "Do It All". "Be It All". Buying into the Illusion that this is True Power. Nothing Needs to Be Sacrificed in Slowing Down the Pace.

In many great society's women have been both the carriers of holy wisdom AND leaders, providing the final say in tribal affairs because women are psychic protectors.

We have everything to gain in creating balance. So let us keep these ancient ways alive, become initiated adults, & break down the barriers to receiving and letting others In. Renounce doing & being it ALL. Let's Honor Life~ Honor Women~ Honor Eachother~ & Listen... Listen... Listen... to the moon, the waters, the soil, the children, the maidens, the stars, and Invite the divine masculine into our hearts. Let us open to receive their power & courage, gifts & light!

What A Sacred Dance This Circle Of Life... <3

So Bleed. Take 1 Day during this next moon of yours to simply be.