She Walks On Fire

She walks on fire >>>

Amidst the burn
She shakes
Holding the simultaneous peaking
Pleasures and pains
Undoubtedly aware that she could call it off with a wave of her hand
She remains
She knows there are gems to be excavated
This alchemical fire leads her home, 
Closer to the center of her spiraling vast hearts landscape.

She breaths, she moans
She tends to the garden of her soul
Ecstatic states are never without
Rather they are encompassing of the whole, 
The full spectrum
This is where our power lies
Will you be claimed in this life?

She shivers as the flames run through her veins
Her cheeks flush & roses bloom in her midst
What existed before this moment
Has been forever changed 

She has casted out
The dragon of doubt 

As she grieves
Their is movement
She mourns
She bleeds
& all is released
Like the ocean’s waves
The tides of life recede
and return
endlessly providing her with a taste 

She is committed to that step
the one you take
just beyond
how far you think you can stretch...

And so she remains
Alive. Awake. Aware.