Spirit Baby Q & A

Recently, I had the pleasure of answering dozens of questions about Spirit Baby Communication on IG. Below, is an abbreviated collection of the questions asked, which you may relate to and enjoy exploring.


Q: Are you clairvoyant, clairsentient, or both? What senses do you use?

A: When I give a reading, I begin by emptying myself. This allows me to tune in and utilize the best form of intuitive communication needed to co-create resonance. I continually "listen" for the next most potent piece.


Q: Do you offer Spirit Baby Communication services?

A: Yes! I work as a mentor, guide & spirit baby communicator with women & couples internationally through 1:1 session packages and group offerings. These offerings are great for those preconception - postpartum.

Q: How can I start communicating?

A: Purify your body and spirit. Call upon your inherent power to self-initiate by creating a ritual in which you set an intention to open the lines of communication. Invite your ancestors to guide you through the sacred ingredient of time. Observe all that is revealed to you with an open mind.

Q: How can I help my husband be more involved, when he’s a little skeptical?

A: Be gentle with his process, hold the door open, AND honor where he’s at. Celebrate the ways he IS able to support you & give yourself permission to continue exploring your unique journey of awakening. DVDs, books, podcasts, etc., can also be supportive at times.


Q: Can one begin communicating with a baby even if conception is years away?

A: Yes, absolutely! Spirit Baby Communication spans lifetimes. Opening to and connecting with your spirit baby years in advance is a beautiful practice that creates deep healing & awakening


Q: I feel multiple babies around me, but I'm single. Is there anything I can do for them?

A: Yes! They are guiding you and watching over you as you weave your souls destiny thread with "life". Spend time listening for the highest healing path forward.


Q: Can we know when our spirit baby will be ready and if there's anything we can do to help them?

A: Some spirit babies are working with specific timelines while others have more flexibility. Opening up lines of communication can create incredible clarity. I'll be discussing this at length during the webinar.


Q: I often feel many babies around me. Does this mean that I'm going to have all of them?

A: No, not necessarily. These souls are likely guiding you and observing your journey. They might even be in need of your assistance.


Q: Is this webinar series for me if I am single and might choose to have a child with a donor?

A: Yes, absolutely. Especially Day 2 of the webinar "Weaving Destiny Threads & The Anatomy of Soul Contracts.


Q: Do spirit babies choose a surrogate? How does that work?

A: From my experience, there is no "right" way to come into motherhood. Spirit babies choose surrogates most often when there is a need for completing multifaceted past life karmic cycles. That said, tread along this path with heart & listen deeply.


Q: When does the soul of the spirit baby attach to the embryo during IVF? Do frozen embryos have one?

A: There are many beautiful, global traditions, and understandings regarding this question. I've personally found that each soul contract is different and unique. In my experience, souls travel to and from their developing body's frequently prior to birth.


Q: I am 36 weeks pregnant, how can I connect with my baby?

A: The best way to connect in late pregnancy, to the soul & voice of your child is through Mindfulness, Slowing Down, & Going Inward — even if it's just for a few moments every day.


Q: Unplanned pregnancy freakout, but SO happy now. Will the baby feel unwanted or be ok?

A: During your pregnancy place your hands in the shape of a heart over your baby and belly often. Tell your baby that it's Wanted, Welcomed, & Loved. Your baby will be deeply comforted and nourished by this.


Q: How do you come back to your body after a birth that wasn't planned?

A: A "Closing of the Bones" ritual. Acupuncture, massages, touch, baths, candles, prayer, and speaking your truth to those who can truly support your integration. Honor yourself, and most importantly forgive your body a little more every day.


Q: How can this webinar series support someone who has experienced miscarriage but is also in the process of trying to conceive?

A: There is profound purpose in loss. Diving into Spirit Baby Communication techniques after loss & before another conception allows for deep clearing/healing. It opens the door for the highest path forward.


Q: Can you share about healing after an abortion?

A: Take time to slow down, pause, and reflect. Speak to your spirit baby in your heart or out loud, and let them know how their presence has helped you grow. Thank them for coming and invite them to return if/when it is in the highest and best for all beings involved. Have faith and courage.


Q: How do I heal after a miscarriage?

A: Keep in mind that you are newly postpartum. Be gentle with your body. Take time to honor what it needs. Reflect, look within, and create a ritual that serves to mark the transition of life force energy. Ask for support from your higher self to activate the spiritual lessons associated with this journey. Trust & let go.


Q: Can spirit babies call to us specifically to be stillborn?

A: Yes. These souls are some of the most powerful. The impact of a journey like this often stays with us, as a teacher, for the rest of our lives, and deeply touches the lives of many.


Q: Does my son in heaven communicate with his new baby sister?

A: Yes. As challenging as it has been, all souls have benefited from this experience of deep love & loss. It is also not uncommon in this situation that these babies return; either through you or through the lives/wombs of close family and friends.


If you’re interested in learning more, consider purchasing the Soul Mama // Star Child 3-Part Recorded Webinar Series.

Blessings & Love!

xx, Sarah