Soul Mama // Star Child

My passion for this work, revealed itself to me as I transcended the physical pain of labor through a self induced hypnotic state & ecstatically delivered my first child at the age of 20 with a kind of clarity and understanding that SHOOK ME AWAKE & yet... the idea of giving birth + becoming a mother, scared me more then anything.

To be transparent...

Prior to transcending the waves of pain in my body, I spent 3hrs struggling, mentally coordinating my escape. I felt shocked and afraid. I trembled and cried. I wanted an epidural and I feared I would die, so I did.

Through humility, I died to everything I was before that moment. I released her, the maiden. I embraced her, the naive young girl inside.

The wise woman in me >>> the grandmother in me >>> showed the mother in me >>> the way.

I surrendered so sincerely, time, as we know it, gave way. I existed in oneness with all things and in that place... I Was Free.

Free to observe my womb contract and my baby spiral down from the heavens. I thought of others and I sent love to humanity.

I dwelled in gratitude for all life.

In less then an hour I dilated from 2 to 10cm. A few minutes later my son was crowning. With crystal clarity and utter devotion to my body's knowing, I birthed my child in a small handful of contractions. My husband, with guidance from our midwife, delivered our son and we sat together in awe; madly in love~

In my experience, the Childbearing Years provide women with an opportunity to truly taste enlightenment & connect to their inherentdivinity. I am a living example of this, which is why I've devoted my life to holding this space for others, preconception - postpartum. Pregnancy and birth is a rite of passage and a profoundly transformational time.