The Following Heart Shares Come From Just Some of the INCREDIBLE

Women & Families I've Had the Honor & Privilege of Serving~



"I will carry what I learned from Sarah forever. I'm beyond grateful that I reached out and DECIDED to work with her. I would do it again in a heartbeat."

-Kendra Stansbury, Mentoring Container Client, Mother & Software Specialist

"The time spent connecting with Sarah was pure and filled with unconditional love. I felt like I've known her forever and we've spoken thousands of times before, even though this was our first time meeting in this life. Sarah's love and intent to come alongside others in their journey is unlike any other person I have crossed paths with. Her consciousness is beautiful, her soul shines so bright, and she shared so much with me that allowed me to re-ignite my inner light. I highly recommend Sarah's gifts to anyone looking to reconnect with their purpose, or those who want to vibrate higher, love deeper, appreciate more, and love themselves. She is soft, humble, selfless, kind, compassionate, and a divine soul that I am forever grateful to have met.

-Kayla Abeid, Session Client, Mama & Chiropractor 


-Lydi Bernal, Session Client, Mother & Consultant


Sarah is able to create a container of warmth and safety that is unparalleled. I feel so incredibly seen, heard, and held by her. In just one session we cleared multiple blocks I had been pushing up against for years- both in myself and in my relationships. It was effortless! Pleasurable, even! I felt the energy moving in my body during our session and afterwards I was able to cut out old patterns left and right. After our second session, I was completely convinced of her clairvoyance and connection to the divine. She knew things no one else does. I am so incredibly grateful for her powerful healing presence in my life and recommend her gifts to all.”

-Calla Hyman, Mentoring Container Client, Stay At Home Mama



-Victoria Larnach, Session Client, Indigo Artist


“Sarah's devotion to the path of spirit and her truly loving intuitive presence creates a strong positive force that has the power to directly affect shifts in the field that will reflect as real change in your life.  She has honed her intuitive and subtle skills, drawing from many traditions & practices with integrity and care.  She is truly amazing and masterful at what she does! I would highly recommend her services to those that feel a resonance.”

-Olivia Josephine, Session Client, Artist



-Kristy Lee, Birth Doula Client, Mother & International School Educator


"Sarah has a true gift for seeing beyond the veils. My session with her was potent and powerful for cleansing and realigning energy I was not even aware was stagnant. Her sessions are like a massage for your whole energy body. The feeling was similar if not better than a physical massage. My whole energy body was vibrating and I now feel a deeper connection to my breath. I feel a deeper sense of clarity and connection to my center and God~Source. Sarah gives in-depth feedback, shares soul inspiring wisdom, and tools to keep your energetic body clean and clear. It's deep work and at the same time feels so light. Her soothing voice and full presence will bring all of you to the present moment and connect you to the core of your true essence. I highly recommend a session with her!" 

-Shelby Sanchez, Session Client, Mother & Creative Strategist



-Marla Temuujin, Birth Doula Client, Mother, Makeup Artist & YouTube Content Creator


“My sessions with Sarah transformed my connection to my third pregnancy. Working with Sarah helped me to unblock pathways and fears associated with my past. At first we discussed a number of issues surrounding my pregnancy & then Sarah helped me open up a line of communication with my baby. As we moved into guided meditations, I was amazed by Sarah's acute intuitive abilities. By the end of our first session I sat in silence, yet every word that passed through my mind, Sarah would sense and say aloud. I cried buckets. I was supported to let go of a lot of old baggage I was carrying around. I found this experience to be brilliant and profound.  Sarah is a beautiful mirror and guide, she works on a very deep level.”

-Alicia Abuliak, Mentoring Container Client, Dancer & Stay At Home Mama


"I highly recommend Sarah as support for you & your family in your journey of pregnancy, birth & parenthood.”      

-Tracy Schmidt, Mentor, Mother of 5 & Natural Childbirth Educator


"I feel very fortunate to have met Sarah along my Doula journey. Before knowing her I didn’t have clarity on how to apply the knowledge I acquired through standard Doula training’s. Sarah inspired me to find my own Doula Path, she provided practical advice and the support I needed to be confident with clients. Since “Doula Thrive” I have more clients and I trust my ability to hold their birth experiences with my unique offerings. I can’t thank Sarah enough for giving me the lift I needed to thrive." 

-Angela Lucia, Doula Thrive Student, Mother & Consultant


"I'm grateful to have Sarah to reach out to when I need guidance & depth on situations in my life. she is truly connected & has given me such amazing insight."

-Sara Cadenas, Mentoring Container Client, Mother, President & Business Owner


"From my first conversation with Sarah, I knew I was in safe and loving hands. Her gentle and wise approach guided me towards understanding and choosing the birth I wanted to create with my little one. As a first time mom, working with Sarah gave me the confidence to make choices that were true to me. She empowered me to have an incredible and joyful birth experience, and helped me to stay strong when I needed it most. I cannot say enough positive things about working with Sarah, or express all of the gratitude my family has for her!"

-Mary Halitski, Birth Doula & Mentoring Container Client, Mother & Senior Manager at COVERGIRL


"Having Sarah as my Doula was a blessing. She is simply just what I needed before, during & after the birth of my first baby."

-Jennifer Recitas, Birth Doula Client, Stay At Home Mama


“I will forever be grateful for my time with Sarah and the rippling effects of goodness it has brought to my life. It was the catalyst to immense healing for not only my physical, energetic & spiritual bodies but my lineage as well. Sarah's devotion to vulnerability, unconditional love, joy and authenticity were contagious and so inspiring! I felt supported and seen in every moment and our time together was as nourishing as it was radiant and healing, the balm my whole being needed.”

-Rachel Zacrep, Mentoring Container Client, Student of Life

"Sarah was INCREDIBLY supportive in aiding my self-discovery. She was so relatable and open. I felt VALIDATED and loved."

-Amanda Fucello, Birth Doula Client, Mother & Director of Design Operations

"Sarah has an incredible capacity to create ease and connection. She is so kind and clear in herself, that there is no tension or friction in establishing a field of clear seeing communication. Her dynamic effervescence brought a sense of wonder and sweetness to my heart. Sarah's warmth and love, combined with her keen direct knowing was very moving for my partner and I. Our sense of magic and timing feels restored in bringing our creative work to fruition. Sarah is one of the few spiritual and psychic counselors that I would deeply trust with any questions or issues that I'm working with. She is highly accomplished and so lovingly joyful that it is absolutely a delight to be with her."

- Madeleina Bolduc, Preconception Client, Holistic Health Practitioner

"Sarah has gifts and wisdom that spans many lifetimes - one of my favorites is her ability to listen with her whole heart and being."

-Jillian Rossitto, Birth Doula Client, Mother of Twins, Early Childhood Educator & Pediatric Sleep Consultant

"I feel Sarah was able to listen with a high level of attunement and reflect back the bigger and deeper picture of what is truly unfolding in my world; weaving the many pieces of my story into a beautiful and cohesive tapestry. I feel she beautifully holds the balance of our divine starlight essence and our humble human earth walk. Our session helped me feel clear, committed and in divine alignment with my prayer for my life, my womb, and the future generations that will birth through me. It also helped me have more understanding and compassion for the lessons and shadows and how they've uncovered the illuminated way forward... I've noticed since our session... that I'm truly honoring the temple of my womb and feminine essence more fully than ever. It feels incredible."

-Abigail Hinds, Preconception Client, Ayurvedic Counselor & Bodyworker

"I found Sarah’s deep experience shows in her quiet nature. She’s quietly confident in her abilities and knowledge; I always felt like I was in the best care with her.”

-Allison Mezzafonte, Birth Doula Client, Mother & Marketing Specialist

“Sarah seemed to intuitively know what to say or do in each moment... There were a few things she told me at various points during labor--stories, or suggestions for how I could direct my thoughts/energy, or ways she thought I might be feeling and how to interpret these feelings. These tidbits… came at the perfect time. Her guidance and presence was so nurturing during labor and her intuitive sense of timing allowed me to actually absorb what she was saying... While the birth of my son was not easy, Sarah's presence made me feel supported, and ultimately helped make my birth experience empowering."

-Joanna Cantor, Birth Doula Client, Mother & Writer

“Thank you Sarah for making {conception} a beautiful & life changing experience for me. I won’t ever forget the time we’ve shared & the sacred journey you’ve helped me create...”

-Kristin Wright, Mentoring Container Client, Mother & Sexual Empowerment Coach

"Sarah - You are pure magic! You emanate love and presence, and that is more than enough. You were instrumental and made a world of a difference in the most beautiful, most important moment of my life... I am eternally grateful."

-Leeah Chu, Birth Doula Client, Mother & Studio Manager

"Sarah’s intuitive gifts are beautiful to feel, experience, and witness. Her spirit is such an EXPANDER..."

-Brooke Novick, Mentoring Container Client, Marriage & Family Therapist

"Sarah has an innate ability to pinpoint the issue at hand and was able to provide the guidance and support my soul was searching for. Her wisdom, knowledge, and intuitive abilities were such a gift in helping me tap into my true potential, and get through the barriers I was facing in different areas of my life, including the launch of my business. It is rare to find someone you can pour your heart out to without judgement; someone who is fully present and who genuinely cares, I found this in Sarah".

-Dagne Tendle, Mentoring Container Client, Holistic Wellness Coach

"Sarah’s voice is like a warm hug from an all knowing and kind mother… Each call {included} unexpected & welcomed knowledge that I needed to hear." 

-Robin Fitzgerald, Mentoring Container Client, Costumer for Film & Television

"We love Sarah. She’s truly amazing & all of her work is heart centered — divine wisdom is truly spoken through her. You can feel it in the way she communicates, the way she holds space, and the way wisdom flows through her. We hold her so dearly to our hearts and so does our son, even though he has never met her in person, he knows her and recognizes her voice. He gets happy just hearing her on Instagram! It’s remarkable!"

-Shawnee Mayzsak, Mentoring Container Client, Mother & Student of Life

“I highly recommend Vessel to {those} embarking on a journey into motherhood... Any woman would be truly blessed to share in the magical Vessel Pilgrimage!!

-Ally, Vessel Participant, Mother & Guiding Light

“I feel so relaxed after a session with Sarah. Like everything is cleared out, on the table, and focused. She really gets things, really knows - sees it, then names it and takes it to the next level of understanding and integration. There is an element of connection to Source that permeates all the information she's able to access and share, yet it comes through in the most personal ways. Our work together kept me centered while moving from my home of twenty years toward a new dream. With her encouragement, I drew in all the support I needed & I was able to truly honor my deepest intentions for the choices I was making in the process. I'm now able to stay more grounded in my own power (& reproductive power center)!

-Nicole Stephenson, Mentoring Container Client, Skin Care Specialist & Writer

“Vessel was exactly what I needed for my pregnancy journey & right-of-passage into Motherhood."

-Mila Redwood, Vessel Participant, Mother, Founder & Community Songleader at Sing for Joy

"Working with Sarah through the birth of my first child was a truly wonderful and indispensable experience. Our prenatal visits helped to prepare me and quell my increasing anxiety leading up to the big day. Throughout my unmedicated labor, she was a calming but strong energy, both physically and emotionally. She coached me through the pain of each stage with unfaltering poise. In the aftermath, Sarah was able to fill in the gaps for me, which had left me feeling emotionally vulnerable and that closure gave me the permission to recover mentally as well as physically so I could enjoy every second with my new baby."

-Marieclaire St. John, Birth Doula Client, Mother, Artist & Designer