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A 9 Week Virtual Pilgrimage

In Honor Of Your Sacred Journey From Maiden To Mother

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Temple of Philae, Aswan, Egypt. Ancient Hieroglyphic Depiction Honoring The Divine Mother.

Temple of Philae, Aswan, Egypt. Ancient Hieroglyphic Depiction Honoring The Divine Mother.

What an honor & privilege to have been a participant in the incredible Vessel Pilgrimage. The complementary & beautiful organic flow of expertise shared by Sarah Naia Soleil & Jenna Wilson made each of the Vessel calls enriching, engaging, informative, touching, authentic, & deeply rewarding. Seamlessly weaving together the physical, practical, emotional, & spiritual aspects of the pregnancy journey, Vessel was truly an empowering program that enabled women to share in community, receive support, gain practical resources, & go deeper into our soul’s inner knowing and guidance.
— Ally

join The Vessel Pregnancy Pilgrimage &…

  • Explore Your Pregnancy & Upcoming Birth As A MIRACULOUS GIFT~

  • Integrate The Changes Your Pregnancy Brings In Real Time With Nurturing Support & Receive Guidance From INTUITIVE GROUNDED MENTORS~

  • Give Yourself The INVALUABLE GIFT Of Activating The Spiritual Lessons Your Pregnancy Has To Offer So Your Birth & Motherhood Journey Can Flow With Greater Ease~

  • Approach Your Birth Feeling Connected To Your INNER KNOWING & The Soul Of Your Child~

  • CONNECT With A Group Of Women Experiencing Similar Shifts & Emotions~

  • Feel Seen & Heard As You Uncover The Beautiful & Not So Beautiful Challenges That Arise~

  • Feel What Is Alive & Awakening In You; Allow Yourself To BE HELD IN LOVE & Encouraged To THRIVE~

Photo Of @MissMisty

Photo By: Mariana Campos

Vessel was exactly what I needed for my pregnancy journey and right-of-passage into Motherhood. Sarah and Jenna created a nurturing, empowering container and community that made me feel deeply supported, connected, and nourished as I navigated this new chapter of life. They held the space with such tremendous compassion, wisdom, playfulness, and love. Connecting with other pregnant women in the circle helped me to feel held and seen, and not alone. It was an absolute delight and gift to tune in each week and be a part of this village!
— Mila

Photo By: Tinna Björk Ólafsdóttir


In Love, Sisterhood, Service, & Devotion,

Sarah Naia Soleil & Jenna Lynne Wilson