the alchemy of motherhood

Cosmic Completions. Sacred Remembrances.



A 9 Week Virtual Pilgrimage

In Honor Of Your Sacred Journey

From Maiden To Mother

Vessel Begins February 24th & Completes April 21st, 2019

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Temple of Philae, Aswan, Egypt. Ancient Hieroglyphic Depiction Honoring The Divine Mother.

Temple of Philae, Aswan, Egypt. Ancient Hieroglyphic Depiction Honoring The Divine Mother.

What an honor & privilege to have been a participant in the incredible Vessel Pilgrimage. The complementary & beautiful organic flow of expertise shared by Sarah Naia Soleil & Jenna Wilson made each of the Vessel calls enriching, engaging, informative, touching, authentic, & deeply rewarding. Seamlessly weaving together the physical, practical, emotional, & spiritual aspects of the pregnancy journey, Vessel was truly an empowering program that enabled women to share in community, receive support, gain practical resources, & go deeper into our soul’s inner knowing and guidance.
— Ally R.

join ‘Vessel’ the alchemy of motherhood’s

pregnancy Pilgrimage &…

  • Explore Your Pregnancy & Upcoming Birth As A MIRACULOUS GIFT~

  • Integrate The Changes Your Pregnancy Brings In Real Time With Nurturing Support & Receive Guidance From INTUITIVE GROUNDED MENTORS~

  • Give Yourself The INVALUABLE GIFT Of Activating The Spiritual Lessons Your Pregnancy Has To Offer So Your Birth & Motherhood Journey Can Flow With Greater Ease~

  • Approach Your Birth Feeling Connected To Your INNER KNOWING & The Soul Of Your Child~

  • CONNECT With A Group Of Women Experiencing Similar Shifts & Emotions~

  • Feel Seen & Heard As You Uncover The Beautiful & Not So Beautiful Challenges That Arise~

  • Feel What Is Alive & Awakening In You; Allow Yourself To BE HELD IN LOVE & Encouraged To THRIVE~

Photo Of @MissMisty

Photo By: Mariana Campos

Some of the topics explored in vessel are

  • Going In + Going Yin

  • Locating Your Allies Seen + Unseen

  • Your Gestational Procession

  • The Power Of The Pause & Importance of Differentiation

  • Birth’s Labyrinth + Initiation

  • Dragon Breath: Finding Your Own Way

  • Down & Dirty Birth Miracles

  • Body Tending + Postpartum Healing

  • Healing The Modern Day Mother Wound

  • Self Attachment + Newborn Storytelling

+ Q & A

Meet Your guides


Sarah Naia Soleil, Birth Doula

Sarah is a mother of two. After having an enlightenment experience giving birth to her son in 2006 she passionately pursued the doula path. Her first certification training was taken in Santa Barbara, Ca & this is both where & how Sarah & Jenna met! Since then she’s supported over 200 families through pregnancy, birth & the immediate postpartum period in hospital & home settings. Sarah is also a Student Midwife and trained with internationally renowned Midwife, Mary Jackson who provided her with a remarkable 3 year Midwifery Apprenticeship steeped in the art of Pre & Perinatal Psychology. Sarah is the founder of Doula Thrive: A 13 Moon Doula Mentorship Program and she also tends to Remote International Clients who seek her 1 : 1 Preconception, Pregnancy & Postpartum Integration Support.


Jenna Lynne Wilson, LM

Jenna began studying birth in 2007, inspired by a conversation with a girlfriend in a nightclub about the role of women in society and the modern quest of the divine feminine. Since then, she has been divinely led on an international journey to learn as much as possible about the emergence of new life - physically, spiritually, cosmically, and more. After volunteering in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Uganda, she became a California Licensed Midwife in 2014. In September of 2015, she was initiated into motherhood with the home birth of her son & in December, 2016 she was initiated into widowhood with the unexpected loss of her husband. Each of these experiences have deepened her appreciation of and connection to the spirit realms, and the potent lessons we are here to learn as humans.


What Other moTHER’s Are Saying

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Sarah made me feel like I could be the true, raw, me. That I could embark on this journey into motherhood and feel understood and welcome. She was my guide into the unknown and the beautiful gift of parenthood.
— Lindsay
Connecting with Sarah, allowed me to dig deeper within myself and engage presently in my process. [Her] love and intent to come alongside others in their journey is unlike any other person I have crossed paths with.
— Kayla
Jenna was at the birth of both of my babies... as one of our Midwives... She has become a friend through the process & I am forever grateful that she has been brought into my life and helped bring our babies earth side. 
— Juliet
We experienced Jenna’s warmth, knowledge, skill and compassion during our prenatal appointments so we knew we were in the best hands when the time came to bring our son into the world.
— Claudette
Temple of Hathor, Dendara, Egypt. Ancient Crypt Depicting Enlightenment & Creation As One

Temple of Hathor, Dendara, Egypt. Ancient Crypt Depicting Enlightenment & Creation As One


⊙ THIS Pilgrimage IS FOR you if… ⊙

  • You feel connected to pregnancy & birth as a rite of passage.

  • You see pregnancy as an opportunity to transform from the inside out & open to new possibilities.

  • You are yearning to re-pattern & move into motherhood deeply resourced & spiritually inspired. 

  • You are somewhere between preconception & the 1st year postpartum during our program’s start.

    (*This is our suggested time frame. Women in other stages are also welcome to join.)

***We recognize that not all pregnant people identify as woman/feminine. We welcome anyone who is called to this offering seeking to work with divine female energies and maternal lineages. We will use language of the feminine, recognizing & honoring that it does not refer to each pregnant person’s experience & gender preference.***

Photos By: Mariana Campos

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In Love, Sisterhood, Service, & Devotion,

Sarah Naia Soleil & Jenna Lynne Wilson