✨Egypt Activation Priestess Pilgrimage✨


 ✨ Blessed Be ✨


for Winter Solstice 2018 is COMPLETE.


Due to an Abundant response from our global sisterhood regarding this sacred journey, we welcome you to join the waitlist for future pilgrimages.

We are honored and blessed to offer this sacred sojourn on behalf of the Goddess Rising within us all during this time of pivotal shift in the world and humanity 🌟

In Devotion and Service ✨🙏✨
Sarah Naia Soleil & Achintya Devi @goddess_rising

.:. ♡ .:.


The Egypt Activation Priestess Pilgrimage serves to catalyze the next evolution of your Soul's Path, Divine Sovereignty, Leadership and Priestess Power. 

Every woman who comes on this journey has a unique soul contract to fulfill and we deeply believe this Activation is a part of it. With all our love and devotion, we have intentionally crafted a soul journey experience that we believe is coded within your destiny.

For it's truly our shared destiny.

Since traveling to Egypt is such a magnificent investment of time and resources, we go above and beyond to curate pilgrimages filled with Magick and as much Private Access as possible to the sacred ancient sites that await us.

We bow to you in Devotion Beloved Sister, as we journey into Mystery together!

With Blessings and Great Love,

Sarah Naia Soleil and Achintya Devi