We welcome you to join us in sisterhood for the

3rd Cycle of Doula Thrive,

A 13 Moon Doula Mentorship Program.

Learn more about what to expect below!


Q: What is Doula Thrive?

A: Doula Thrive is a Doula Mentorship Program created to empower and initiate an intimate circle of women currently pursuing The Doula Path. For 13 moons we'll collectively and individually explore what it truly means to co-create healing containers for pregnant women, babies, and families who are: preparing for, experiencing and integrating the miraculous portal of creation known as birth. As guardians of this gateway, we'll share our collective wisdom and embark on a quest opening ourselves to remember the ancient birthkeepers we are.

Q: Who are the facilitators?

Sarah Naia Soleil - Mater Birth Doula
Sarah is a mother of two. Since giving birth in 2006 she has supported over 200+ families through pregnancy, birth & the immediate postpartum period in both hospital & home settings. Sarah is also a Student Midwife trained by internationally renowned Midwife, Mary Jackson who provided her with a remarkable 3-year Midwifery Apprenticeship steeped in the art of Pre & Perinatal Psychology.

Sarah is the founder of Doula Thrive and tends to International Clientele who seek her 1 : 1 Spiritual + Clairvoyant, Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, & Postpartum Integration Support.

Caitlyn Undreiner - Master Postpartum Doula
Since 2012 Caitlyn has been serving New Jersey and the New York Metro area as a dual-certified Postpartum Doula, Infant Sleep Educator, Perinatal Mental Health Ambassador, & Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator. In addition, Caitlyn volunteers as a member of Postpartum Support International and is the co-founder of a monthly advocacy panel for Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders.

Most recently, her work with Bloom Baby and Doula Thrive has led to new depths in her role as a Doula Educator and Mentor. Caitlyn views her work as an amazing opportunity to nurture and guide families along with the professionals who support them. Her dream is to create a lasting impact, making the world a better place beginning with birth.

Q: Is it possible to speak with someone before signing up?

A: Yes, anyone interested in the program can schedule a Complimentary 1:1 Discovery Call by clicking the link below.

Q: What does the curriculum include?

*A 4 day, 3-night Initiate Retreat at Hummingbird Ranch.
*13, 2 Hour Group Exploration Calls that include a monthly theme, group integration, individual check-ins, & coaching.
*13, 1:1 60 Minute Deep Dive 1:1 Monthly Mentorship Sessions.
*11, 60 Minute Recorded Content Videos, a reflection of our 20+ years of combined Mastery.
*A 4 day, 3-night Advanced Retreat back at the beautiful Hummingbird Ranch.
+ BONUS #1: Certification upon completion of all curriculum.
+ BONUS #2: 24/7 Access to our Groups Private Facebook Page.
+ BONUS #3: Access to a shared Google Drive Folder full of detailed content, templates, guides, and business resources created specifically for your professional reference & use.
+ BONUS #4: Access to one of Sarah’s Spirit Baby Communication Webinar Replay Series.

Q: Is regular 1:1 time with Sarah & Caitlyn part of the curriculum?

A: Yes! You will receive 13 1:1 monthly mentorship sessions. Your 1st call will be with both Sarah & Caitlyn. The following sessions will alternate monthly giving you time to connect with Sarah & Caitlyn 1:1 throughout the program.

Q: How much interaction is there between students?

A: During our initial retreat, we’ll have lots of time to get to know each other, play & grow. We will keep this connection alive during our 2-hour monthly group calls, through interactions in the Facebook group, and students are also more than welcome and encouraged to support each other 1:1.

Q: How much time is required each month?

A: Each month there are 4 hours of virtual curriculum, content, & calls offered. The monthly homework and suggested reading involves anywhere from 2 - 4+hrs of additional commitment. *Please note this program invites you to work at your own pace. Assignments are optional but strongly recommended.

Q: Is Doula Thrive associated with DONA?

A: At this time Doula Thrive is not associated with any other training/certification organization. However, this Mentorship Program is complementary to those currently pursuing Doula certification through any organization.

Q: Will I be a Certified Doula after completing the Doula Thrive Mentorship?

A: This program serves as a source of mentorship, training, and continued education. We offer a Certificate of Completion to those who complete the coursework as outlined in this program. In the United States, the Doula Thrive Certificate of Completion serves as a Birth & Postpartum Doula Certification.

If you are joining us from another country, there may be legal framework or governing organizations that regulate Doula certification. In such cases, the Doula Thrive Certificate of Completion may only be recognized as continued education and advanced training, even though the Doula Thrive Curriculum far exceeds internationally recognized certification standards and requirements. If desired, please check with your country’s certification standards in advance of registration.

Q: Is this program appropriate for both new & practicing Doulas?

A: Yes! This program is tailored to meet Doulas at any level exactly where they’re at. Participation alongside a growing private practice is encouraged to receive the program’s full range of benefits.

Q: What's the difference between a Doula and a Midwife?

A: A Midwife is a primary health care provider, while a Doula is a childbirth coach. Midwives often replace the role of an OB & deliver babies in hospital, birth center or home birth settings.

A Doula offers mental, emotional, & physical support to a woman and her partner before, during, and after childbirth. A Doula (also known as a birth attendant) is trained in 'mothering the mother'.

Q: What sets Doula Thrive apart from other Doula courses/trainings?

A: Doula Thrive is truly a one of a kind experience! The Doula Thrive Program far exceeds internationally recognized certification standards and requirements. While most trainings offer great information, Doula Thrive initiates students ready to actualize their passion by applying the knowledge they gain, through a full year of inspiring curriculum, continued education, & 1:1 mentorship.

Q: Does Doula Thrive include tools for creating a "thriving" Doula business?

A: Yes! Our curriculum addresses business topics such as: Getting Started In Your Community, Identifying Your Niche, Marketing & Websites, Securing Quality Back Ups, Creating Partnerships, Facilitating Successful Consultations, Professionalism & Etiquette, and much more!

The program also includes detailed content, templates, guides, and business resources created specifically for our participant’s professional reference & use.

Q: What is the purpose of the Initiate Retreat? Is it possible to join the retreat only?

A: During the Initiate Retreat, we’ll explore how to create a strong foundation for a fulfilling and successful Doula Path, from the practical to the spiritual. Through “The Way of Council” we’ll journey & play in sisterhood together for 4 days & 3 nights. The connections built here will strengthen our 13-month journey together. *Individuals committed to the full 13 Moon Mentorship are given priority registration.

Q: How is payment structured?

A: A $300 deposit is due at the time of registration. We offer three payment plan options for the balance due:

1) A $4,500 payment on 9/1/19
2) Four installments of $1,175 on 9/1/19, 12/1/19, 3/1/20, & 6/1/201)
3) 15 Monthly installment of $333.33 on the 15th of every month

Q: What if I'm not ready this year but would like to work with a mentor to explore my personal experience(s), & the possibility of becoming a Doula?

A: 1:1 Mentorship is available with either or both Sarah & Caitlyn. Please contact us for further details and pricing.