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13 moon Doula mentorship Journey

SEPT. 2020 - SEPT. 2021

Are you a new or aspiring Doula looking for a Mentorship Opportunity? Do you wish to be part of a global circle of women exploring The Doula Path? Are you ready to discover the inner alchemy, transformation & healing possible for you as you step deeper into your calling?


Doula Thrive was created to empower and initiate women currently pursuing The Doula Path.

For 13 moons we'll collectively and individually explore what it truly means to co-create healing containers for pregnant women, babies and families who are: preparing for, experiencing and integrating the miraculous portal of creation known as birth. As guardians of this gateway we'll share our collective wisdom and embark on a quest opening ourselves to remember the ancient birthkeepers we are…


I feel very fortunate to have met Sarah along my Doula journey. Before knowing her I didn’t have clarity on how to apply the knowledge I acquired through standard Doula training’s. Sarah inspired me to find my own Doula Path, she provided practical advice and the support I needed to be confident with clients. Since “Doula Thrive” I have more clients and I trust my ability to hold their birth experiences with my unique offerings. I can’t thank Sarah enough for giving me the lift I needed to thrive.
— Angela Lucia

The Doula thrive program:

Your journey begins in Sept. 2020 with a 4 day, 3 night Initiate Retreat at Hummingbird Ranch, nestled gently in the Northern New Mexico mountains. We’ll explore how to create a strong foundation for a fulfilling and successful Doula Path of Service from the practical to the spiritual. Through “The Way of Council” we’ll journey & play in sisterhood.

Following this retreat we’ll dive in deeper.

The core curriculum includes:

*13, 2 Hour Group Exploration Calls occurring once a month. The day and time of which is determined by our group when our program begins. All calls are recorded & archived for your continued viewing and integration.

*13, 1:1 60 Minute Deep Dive Mentorship Sessions, occurring once a month.

*11, 60 Minute Recorded Content Videos, to review at your convenience. These calls are a reflection of our 20+ years of combined Doula Mastery and contain invaluable content exploring the intricacies of Doula professionalism and sustainability as well as how to best support women & families pre-conception - the postpartum period.

Our time together concludes with a 4 day, 3 night Advanced Retreat back at the beautiful Hummingbird Ranch, bringing us full circle. This Retreat will be held in September 2021.

*Exact dates TBD 6 months in advanced.

**Other than airfare, both Retreats are included in the Doula Thrive: 13 Moon Mentorship


By joining this mentorship, you will benefit from a bountiful amount of connection that will PROFOUNDLY ENHANCE the value of your Doula Services & help you integrate the journey your SOUL is on.


You will also receive some incredible bonuses!

+ BONUS #1: Certificate upon completion of all curriculum.

+ BONUS #2: 24/7 Access to our Groups Private Facebook Page.

+ BONUS #3: Access to a shared Google Drive Folder full of detailed content, templates, guides, and business resources created specifically for your professional reference & use.



  • The Heroines Journey, Initiation, & Ritual

  • Getting Started In Your Community

  • Identifying Your Niche

  • Marketing & Websites

  • Securing Quality Back Ups

  • Creating Partnerships

  • Activism & Advocacy

  • Facilitating Successful Consultations

  • Professionalism & Etiquette

  • Facilitating Meaningful In Home Visits, Pre & Post Birth

  • Co-Creating Birth & Postpartum Care Plans

  • Navigating Interventions / Supporting Informed Consent

  • Providing Services in Any Setting

  • Holding Space & Being with Challenge

  • Integration & Healing

  • Supporting Perinatal Mental Health

  • Principles of Pre & Perinatal Psychology

  • Newborn Care & Bonding

  • Breast & Bottle-feeding Education

  • The Journey: Maiden to Mother

  • The Divine Feminine

  • Birth: To Taste Enlightenment & MORE

Doula Thrive has been a life-changing experience for me. Meeting Sarah has been a beautiful unfolding of magic every step of the way. Her essence is radiant and pure love. She has gently guided me to see the inner knowing of my divine purpose. I highly recommend this course.
— Dessira
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Please Enjoy Our

Doula Thrive FAQ

Explore the Doula Thrive 13 Moon Mentorship Program! Get to know the ins and outs + all the benefits involved. Questions? Simply contact us or schedule a complimentary discovery call.



Meet THE Facilitators:


Sarah Naia Soleil - Master Birth Doula

Sarah is a mother of two. Since giving birth in 2006 she has supported over 200+ families through pregnancy, birth & the immediate postpartum period in both hospital & home settings. Sarah is also a Student Midwife trained by internationally renowned Midwife, Mary Jackson who provided her with a remarkable 3 year Midwifery Apprenticeship steeped in the art of Pre & Perinatal Psychology.

Sarah is the founder of Doula Thrive and tends to International Clientele who seek her 1 : 1 Spiritual + Clairvoyant Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, & Postpartum Integration Support.


Caitlyn Undreiner - Master Postpartum Doula

Since 2012 Caitlyn has been serving New Jersey and the New York Metro area as a dual-certified Postpartum Doula, Infant Sleep Educator, Perinatal Mental Health Ambassador, & Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator. In addition, Caitlyn volunteers as a member of Postpartum Support International and is the co-founder of a monthly advocacy panel for Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders.

Most recently, her work with Bloom Baby and Doula Thrive have led to new depths in her role as a Doula Educator and Mentor. Caitlyn views her work as an amazing opportunity to nurture and guide families along with the professionals who support them. Her dream is to create a lasting impact, making the world a better place beginning with birth.


Sacred Investment & Registration

With your Sacred Investment, you are saying YES to 13 Moons of Soul Nourishing Mentorship, being held by a Circle of Sisters on The Doula Path, Two Transformational In Person Immersions, Invaluable Resources, Templates, & Content that *if utilized will Profoundly Enhance & Add Value to your Professional Offerings & Service in the World.

***To Claim this Program & Hold Your Spot, Please Schedule A Discovery Call Today***



THIS MENTORSHIP is for you if:

  • You're a FULL Yes

  • You're ready to take your work in the world to an entirely new level

  • You're committed to attending a min. of 3 births during the Mentorship

  • You're passionate about birth & holding healing space for women

This is not for you if:

  • You're not a FULL YES

  • You're not ready to expand your impact

  • You're unable to commit to attending 3 births


In Devotion, Love, & Service,

Sarah Naia Soleil & Caitlyn Undreiner

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