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:::... Retreat & 13 moon program ...:::


We had a Remarkable...

3 Night, 4 day





Nestled gently in the Northern New Mexico mountains @ the Hummingbird Community's Retreat Home we explored THE DOULA PATH from the practical to the spiritual. Through the Way of Council we journeyed & played in sisterhood covering in depth, topics such as:

  • Getting Started In Your Community
  • Identifying Your Niche
  • Facilitating Successful Consultations
  • Facilitating Pre & Post Birth Visits
  • Holding Space / Witnessing Birth
  • Birth Integration
  • Principles of Pre & Perinatal Psychology
  • The Role Our Initial Imprints Play
  • Spirit Baby Communication Techniques
  • & Much More!

Sound yummy?

Are you looking for a Doula Mentorship? Do you want to be part of a Growing Global Birth Movement & Vision? Do you Desire to Discover the Inner Alchemy, Transformation and Healing possible for you as you Step Deeper into your Calling? Want to join us for the full, Doula Thrive 13 Moon Mentorship Journey? There's still time & space! The Temple Doors and Registration officially close: Friday October 13th at Midnight!


13 moon Doula mentorship Program


Follow Your calling with ease

:::... Sept. 20th 2017 - Sept. 20th 2018 ...:::

October 20th, 2017- September 20th, 2018 *For those who did not attend the 1st in person immersion.


This program was created to inspire and activate in depth an intimate group of women currently perusing The Doula Path. For 13 moons we'll collectively and individually explore what it truly means to co-create healing containers for pregnant women, babies and families who are: preparing for, experiencing and integrating the miraculous portal of creation known as birth. As guardians of this gateway we'll share our collective wisdom and embark on a quest opening ourselves to remember the ancient birthworkers we are.


Some of the topics we'll Explore are:

  • Getting Started In Your Community
  • Identifying Your Niche
  • Marketing
  • Back Up's
  • Creating Partnerships
  • Activism & Education
  • Facilitating Successful Consultations
  • Packing The Doula Bag
  • Doula Etiquette
  • Navigating Interventions / Supporting Informed Consent
  • Doula Services: Hospital vs. Home
  • Facilitating Pre & Post Birth Visits
  • Holding Space / Witnessing Birth
  • Birth Integration
  • Principles of Pre & Perinatal Psychology
  • The Role Our Initial Imprints Play
  • Spirit Baby Communication Techniques
  • The Journey: Maiden to Mother
  • The Divine Feminine
  • Birth: To Taste Enlightenment & MORE!
I feel very fortunate to have met Sarah along my Doula journey. Before knowing her I didn’t have clarity on how to apply the knowledge I acquired through standard Doula training’s. Sarah inspired me to find my own Doula Path, she provided practical advice and the support I needed to be confident with clients. Since “Doula Thrive” I have more clients and I trust my ability to hold their birth experiences with my unique offerings. I can’t thank Sarah enough for giving me the lift I needed to thrive.
— Angela Lucia

Whats Included:

*13, 90 Minute Group Calls Occurring on the 20th of Every Month. Opening ceremony call takes place 9/20/17. Closing ceremony call takes place 9/20/18. Timing has yet to be determined; your input is welcome. Calls will be recorded.

*13, One on One 45 Minute Mentorship Calls, occurring once a month. Calls are booked in advance.

*2 In Person Immersions >>>> These are going to be amazing!!!

- 1st In Person Immersion Dates: Sept 25th - 28th, 2017. Immersion Begins Monday the 25th at 4pm & Ends on the 28th at 11am. We'll gather together in Northern New Mexico @ Hawk Hill. A retreat home located within the beautiful Hummingbird Community Ranch.

- 2nd In Person Immersion Dates: September 13th - 16th, 2018. Location will be confirmed based on our groups preference 6 months in advanced.

*A Bountiful Amount of Course Content including, Sample Documents that Will PROFOUNDLY ENHANCE the Value of your Doula Services, Self Study Assignments & Ritual Suggestions, Sisterhood Connection + Invaluable Mentorship Support to Help you Integrate the Journey your SOUL is on.

*24/7 Access to our Groups Private Facebook Page

Self Investment:

The self investment for this program is: $3900

(*$3450 for those who did not attend the 1st in person immersion)

The Tuition is $3000 & the additional $900 covers your accommodations &  meals for our 2 in person immersions. (Travel and breakfasts are not included).

There is a $300 non-refundable deposit due at registration to confirm your participation. This deposit will be applied to your balance.

Payment Plans & Timelines:

  • 1 payment: Paid in full upon registration
  • 2 payments: Half paid upon registration & the 2nd half paid by: 9/1/18
  • 4 payments: $975 Upon registration & again on: 12/1/17, 3/1/18 & 6/1/18

*Registration Ends October 13th 2017

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*Calls Occur on the 20th of Each Month. Please Note the Week Day of our Monthly Calls Vary.
*We'll Anchor In Exact Dates For These Calls During Our 1st In Person Immersion.
Payment Plans & Timelines *
*The Self Investment for Doula Thrive is $3900. $3000 Covers Tuition & $900 Covers your Accommodations & Meals (excluding breakfasts & travel expenses) for our 2 In Person Immersions. Please Note: To Reserve Your Participation You Must Fill Out This Form & Send a $300 Non-Refundable Deposit Via PayPal to: Please Select "Sending Money to Family & Friends". Your Non Refundable Deposit Will Be Deducted From Your Balance Due. Your Balance Due Can Be Paid in Full At Any Time. All Balances Must Be Paid in Full By 9/1/2018.
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