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▽ Preconception & Pregnancy Mentoring For Awakening Women △

EXPLORE YOUR journey into motherhood as A MIRACULOUS GIFT For your Souls Evolution~

Without a doubt working with Sarah during my pregnancy was one of the best investments I made
— Kristy


As Creation Codes Dance Through You... RELEASE, RECALIBRATE, & TRANSFORM

Journey From Maiden To Mother Within A Cocoon Of Sweet Nectar & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

Receive The Beauty, Illuminate Your Spiritual Gifts, & Enter Births Precious Labyrinth With JOY


Logistics: Mentoring Containers are equipped with multiple sessions. They also come with additional text & email support as needed in-between sessions, ritual recommendations, personally tailored recorded meditations & spiritual “homework” along with accountability & impeccable space holding throughout your journey. They are incredibly potent, love filled cocoon’s that nourish you as you merge with creation & prepare to receive new life.

“I will carry what I learned from Sarah forever. I am beyond grateful that I reached out and decided to work with her. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”
— Kendra

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: Spiral Dance Into the Light :

3 month containers offer a unique opportunity for women ready to explore, expand, awaken, heal, remember, and receive the spectacular gifts creation has to give. Walk with grace as you transform from the inside out. Activate a sacred touchstone as you move through preconception or pregnancy's alchemical spiral dance physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.



: Dive Into The Oceanic Womb Of Creation :

6 month containers provide a deeply profound maiden to mother initiatory experience. Settle into an embryonic embrace as we explore your expansive edges & vast hearts landscapes. Collect your soul's calling & reclaim your visions, dreams and gifts as you prepare to receive and tend to the soul of your child. Activate the spiritual lessons, co-create cosmically and allow the coming of your baby to ignite your greatest potential.



: Return To Your Eternal Ecstatic Essence :

9 month containers provide a dose of love so grand there's nothing left to do but melt into your eternal ecstatic essence. These containers are for those ready to release themselves from the illusion of the ego... that which keeps them trapped in separation and identified with pain. It's an opportunity to return hOMe to your body temple, free. Remember who you truly are and call forth cosmic energy to fill your womb, heart and crown in sisterhood. Explore your journey into motherhood as a Queen~



: Embraced By The Wings Of The Cosmic Mother :

The VIP 12 month container is reserved for women ready to journey through the childbearing year with a star sister soul ally~ This container is a remarkably exquisite chance to transition through pregnancy and birth connected to the cosmic mother within & without~

In addition to the usual mentoring container benefits this opportunity also comes with an in person facilitated Blessingway Ceremony with your closest family and friends as well as a 48hr in person postpartum support visit.

“Thank you Sarah for making {conception} a beautiful & life changing experience for me. I won’t ever forget the time we’ve shared & the sacred journey you’ve helped me create...”
— Kristin

Gift yourself and...


Integrate The Changes Your Pregnancy Brings In Real Time With Nurturing Support~

Activate The Spiritual Lessons Your Pregnancy Has To Offer So Your Birth & Motherhood Journey Flows With Greater Ease & Grace~

Approach Birth Feeling Connected To Your Higher Self & The Soul of your Child~

Take The Time To Honor & Celebrate This Sacred Chapter In Your Life~

Be Held In Love & Encouraged To Thrive, Feel Seen & Heard As You Uncover The Beautiful & Not So Beautiful Challenges That Inevitably Arise~

Feel What Is Alive Or Awakening In You Fully. Allow Yourself To Be Acknowledged For The Creative Intuitive Gifts Flourishing Within You~

Forgive, Release, Shed & Tend To Old Wounds, Relationships and Past Experiences Weighing On Your Heart So That A Deeper Capacity to Give & Receive Love May Be Accessed As You Prepare To Welcome Your Newborn~

Working with Sarah transformed my connection to my third pregnancy. I was amazed by her acute intuitive abilities. Sarah is a beautiful mirror and guide, she works on a very deep level.
— Alicia
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Every BLOOM Mentoring Client Receives Discounts On In Person Immersions & Online Offerings, Referral Compensation & More!