Work with Me

Preconception & Pregnancy Mentoring For Awakening Women & Couples

Calling in a rhythmical touchstone as you explore your journey into motherhood with someone who can offer you grounded, intuitive, guidance & support is invaluable.

It’s wonderful to have set intentions but please keep in mind that our sessions & spirit have a path of their own. Unfurling our wings in connection to the great mystery comes with infinite possibilities for beauty & grace. I look forward to working with you.


3-Session container / $600

This container comes with:

1, 90-minute session and 2, 60-minute sessions.

Sessions are scheduled monthly

To set this container in motion, please follow the 2-step process below.

— One-Time Payment OR Monthly Payment Plan

— Schedule Your First Session

<<< Mentoring Container Bonuses >>>

All Mentoring Container Clients Receive:

Discounts On In Person Immersions & Online Group Courses +
5% Referral Compensation When Family Or Friends Sign On To Work With Me

*All sessions occur via Zoom. In person sessions are available in Northern New Jersey. *A 3% processing fee is applied to all Mentoring Containers paid in monthly installments. *Payments are accepted via MoonClerk. Scheduling & payment links are provided upon confirmation.